state of South african municipalities

  • There is lack of effective participatory democracy in municipalities
  • There is a growing feeling of illegitimacy of municipalities that does not respect and consult with citizens
  • Disillusioned, disconnected, and marginalize local communities (Residents)
  • Fiscally distressed local municipalities and Metros.
  • More than 50% of people living below the poverty line in majority if not all municipalities
  • Approxiamately 40% of residents are on social grant across all municipalities
  • Unemployment sits around 34% and to increase to more than 40% by 2024.
  • GDP growth in the short-medium term is around 1% and coming years hovering around 2-3% which is not adequate to address the high unemployment rate and population growth
  • Fiscal policy framework uncertainity and populist rhetoric (Radical economic transformation, Nationalisation) are fanning racial intolerance amongst residents in all municipalities
  • High crime statistics, drugs and gangsterism among the youth
  • Low staff moral has adverse effect on municipal services, as competent and patriotic municipal employees remain demotivated due to continued victimization and harassment for not complying to illegal instructions from politicians, as well as agree to join the parasitic criminal syndicates

Lack of social cohesion and dissatisfied citizens posing a threat to national security if they can be lured by populist failed rhetoric masquerading as radical socio-economic transformation