“Effective Participatory Democracy to enhance social stability and patriotic values”

  • Observe the right to effective participation and consultation of citizens as prescribed by the constitution
  • Promote and support democratic participatory structures that will pass constitutional muster. Ward Committees should not be an employment bureau to accommodate foot soldiers for the ruling party’s factional battles that ends up undermining community accountability.
  • Ensure that Ward Committees, CPF’s SGB all ensure that no IDP or Budget is passed without effective consultation of communities , civil and business organisations.
  • Strengthen the capacity of grassroot leaders through effective upskilling in governance, values and ethical leadership
  • Ensure that civil society movements and community structures have access to an independent mechanism for addressing complaints and non- observance of duties by structures of all spheres of government i.e. Municipal Ombudsman
  • Create a funded structure for assisting communities with ward-based development initiatives like cultural, arts, sports and recreation in an effort to build social cohesion

“Socio-Economic Justice for lasting Peace and social cohesion”

‘There is a saying that where there is a sense of injustice lasting peace is illusive”

  • The country’s past is continually undermining Nation building and national security as a result measure are needed to
    • Address the ever-increasing high unemployment, high poverty levels and inequality
    • Address past socio-economic injustices through accelerated inclusive restorative justice measures in
      • Inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity
      • Promotion and support of small businesses
      • Secure border control to prevent replacement and participation of citizens in economic opportunities with low barriers to entry
      • Transformative programs in the educational, health, recreational, sports, arts and culture space—” Vision 2050AASD- Youth for Socio-Economic Justice”
    • Improve the Human Development Index status of our municipalities through access to quality education from early childhood to tertiary leading to fully functional economic participation, access to quality health for mother and child to improve child mortality rates, food security to fight malnutrition and promote good health.
      • Address the land question in a manner that is not divisive but brings all citizen to be proud patriotic citizen under ‘One Nation One Flag under God”