“Inclusive Economic Growth for shared Prosperity”

  • Embrace and accelerate adoption of disruptive technologies for enhanced knowledge based economic development to accelerate entrepreneurial development and economic competitiveness
  • Lower barriers of entry and enhance access to market opportunities through leveraging technological innovation.
  • Address the issue of illegal economic migrants who in certain cases have displaced local small business from certain local industries with lower entry barriers.
  • Invest in knowledge based economic activities through support for reskilling and adoption of technology driven business initiative that ensure inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity
  • Depoliticize the municipal procurement process through ensuring that all citizens can partake in economic opportunities.
  • Ensure through access to mentorship and entrepreneurial training that young people are groomed to be future business leaders with positive contribution to the economy
  • Ensure that all tertiary students attend at least compulsory elective modules in finance, technology, entrepreneurship and business ethics.
  • Ensure Policy certainty on trade, Fiscal and Monetary policies
  • Consolidate Policy certainty on transformative policies like BBBEE, Employment Equity and small business development
  • Provide incentives and policy certainty to accelerate inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity.
  • Reduce cost of energy through accelerated renewable energy roll out
  • To improve aspects crucial for a competitive economy as measured by the Global Competitiveness Index.
  • Improve and partner, through targeted programs, students from primary school to tertiary level the entrepreneurial aspirations, orientation and ability of all to be market ready and job creators. SA is ranked low by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) on entrepreneurship orientation.
  • Reduce costs of public transport through mixed efficient and cost-effective transport modes inclusive of train, bus and taxi.
  • Promote and assist business that will ensure food security that is inclusive of all citizens particularly small businesses of Africans.
  • Promote techno skills to upskill citizens to be employment ready for the new knowledge-based economy.
  • Create a conducive climate for Financial assistance package to different growth sectors that will not only ensure high GDP but will also be export driven and expand opportunities for municipalities.

Work closely with all business sectors, big and small to accelerate inclusive economic growth and a sense of shared purpose for stable municipalities