Proposed Solutions “Technocratic State for Capable and Competent State”

  • Fiscal prudence and financially sustainable service delivery models targeted at affordable, efficient and effective service delivery
  • Leverage disruptive technologies to create a lean Capable and Competent State that will provide high quality and cost-effective public service
  • Leverage technology to enhance effective and safe working environment for public servants through fair and just employment practices
  • Leverage technology to fight corruption through effective monitoring, evaluation, and reporting
  • Restore the dignity of municipal employees and eliminate unfair labour practices and victimization of Patriotic municipal employees who refuse to be co-opted into the parasitic criminal networks of patronage and cronies.
  • Urgently restore the rights of Patriotic municipal employees that have been victimized through unfair suspensions, overlooked for deserved promotion, and working in unsafe workplace environment
  • Urgently do a skills audit and review municipal employee appointments done over the immediate past and expunge irregular appointments as well as find ‘Fit for Purpose’ public servants
  • Realign departments to be strategically focused and results driven, reducing the number of bloated and non-effective municipal departments consuming almost 42% of municipal spending